Itís not often that that youíll see,
Tears come to a soldiers eyes.
When he holds his newborn baby in his arms.
When in his arms, a buddy dies.
Those are times, when unashamed,
you just might see a soldier cry.

When a young soldier says good-bye
Youíll seldom ever see him cry.
His eyes are dry, but deep inside,
If you could hear his heart, you would hear it cry.
Away from home and love he must go,
To fight for reasons, he may not know.

The tears of joy, flow endlessly,
As home again to his love heíll be.
When Taps is played and our flag flies high
Itís hard to hold back the tears of pride.

When he hears ĎThe Star Spangled Bannerí,
or ĎAmerica the Beautifulí
When he honors a fallen friend,
These are times when with head held high,
You just might see a soldier cry.

By Ron Mackedanz

July 10, 2007