Flag Etiquette

Mission Sheet

Things to know about missions:

0. Be sure to check the Mission Calendar and the Event Calendar often for up to date information before you leave to attend a PGR event or mission.

1. Show up in time to be at the mission briefing that is held at the beginning of each mission, this is where all the details of the mission are revealed.

2. When attending a mission, we are invited guests, we do need to follow the wishes of the family.

3. Each mission is organized by a RCIC (Ride Captain In Charge) or delegate. When you come to a mission it is with your understanding that you will follow the RCIC or delegates instructions, they have had contact with the family and know their wishes.

4. Everyone must sign the waiver, the PGR has the invitation to be there, if you do not sign the waiver you are not invited.

5. Please turn all cells phones off or on silent!

6. There will be no smoking on the flag lines, a designated place will be given at the briefing. Please do not leave cig butts on the ground, pick up after yourselves.

7. If you have any offensive patches, please cover them (there are often children at the missions and events).

8. Please send ALL media requests to the person designated at the briefing to do the speaking. Absolutely NO ONE is to speak to the media except this person unless it has been OK'd by the RCIC first.

9. Bring a 3 x 5 flag and pole

10. We are not a military unit and do not required everyone to follow military rules. We do have some simple rules that we do follow: Please hold flag up as straight as possible, never let it be on the ground, don't carry it over your shoulder, and NO DIPPING (45 degrees or more is dipping)!! (For more on Flag Etiquette click here).

11. Bring whatever you need to be self sufficient IE; water, food, proper clothing for the weather.

12. We do not want to be a burden on the family, so we do not expect anything from the family or do we ask.

13. Normally we do not except invitations for meals, there may be exceptions that will be relayed by the RCIC if it arrises. If you receive an invitation from someone, please bring that person to the RCIC.

14. Please, at missions, no loud talking or laughing on flag line in presence of family or friends. Exceptions are at welcome home missions, we do a lot of whoopin an cheering when they get home.

15. In the presence of the casket, we will stand quietly at attention, hats/covers off if not holding a flag or saluting. Present arms: Hand over heart, salute or if holding a flag just stand at attention, your choice.

16. NO PHOTOS of family or casket.

17. The Patriot Guard is non-confrontational, non-partisan, non-denominational, non-political. As an organization, we don't have opinions on matters that do not pertain to our mission statement. The Patriot Guard does not have any agenda other than showing respect for the men and women of our military. A mission is not the place for anyone to advertise, promote, or state views on any issue. We are there for only one reason, honor our soldiers and surround their families with support.

18. If you see another member getting agitated for any reason, please take him or her aside and help to calm him or her down! We must not let our personal issues be seen by the grieving family, they have enough on their shoulders already.

19. If you see or suspect an uninvited guest or media DO NOT engage them, DO notify the RCIC or delegate. The RCIC will know whether or not the guest or media is OK with the family.

20. Please pick up after yourselves, do not leave cig butts or other garbage on the ground. We leave any place we visit looking better than when we got there.