Flag Etiquette

MN Patriot Guard Mounted Flag Policy

It is the policy of the MN Patriot Guard that flags larger than a 20" X 20" flag may not be flown from any vehicle (motorcycle, car, etc.) traveling at speeds of 35 miles per hour or more during any part of a mission including an organized ride to or from a mission. Anyone flying a flag from their vehicle at speeds less than 35 miles per hour is responsible to ensure that all flags, poles, mounts, and any other associated equipment are safe and securely attached to their vehicle. The ride leader is responsible to lead the ride in such a way that no vehicle following will exceed 35 miles per hour when flags have been allowed to fly. Any person asked not to fly a flag from their vehicle by the Ride Captain in Charge of a mission or event, or their designee, shall comply with the request or not participate in the mission or event.

22 May 10