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Back patches:

Many of you have seen or may have purchased the back patch set that has the Fallen Heroes patch in the center, along with the rockers that read "Patriot Guard" on the top and "Riders" on the bottom. We have discontinued sales of the 3 piece back patch and have designed a new one piece back patch. All details have been cleared, the new back patch is listed for sale at http://www.mnpatriotguard.org/gear.asp.

To those of you who have purchased the previous back patches, we strongly request that they be worn only to Patriot Guard missions and events here in Minnesota as originally intended. As we all know, wearing a patch isn't what's important; the heartfelt honor and respect we show those who have served and sacrificed is. In fact, some neighboring state captains have asked they not be worn in their states. We have always enjoyed a "no borders" relationship with our neighboring states - we support each other strongly in missions. In the interests of keeping our focus on our mission, we ask you to respect those requests as well.

Patches worn in a 3-piece combination carry specific meanings in the world of motorcycling. We are not a motorcycle club, and we do not feel it is wise for our members to resemble one. Wearing them outside of missions can create the impression that we are something we are not.

If you still choose wear the 3-piece patch sets outside of missions, it is important to understand some customs and traditions that are common in many motorcycle clubs and/or riding clubs. The following website contains information that may be of help in making informed choices for yourselves: http://www.rcvsmc.net/index.html


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