Riding Staggered

PGR should ride in a stagger formation for safety reasons.  The minimum recommended spacing to the bike directly in front of you should not be less than two seconds (the two second rule).  The bike in the lane to your left or right should not be less than one second ahead of you.  You will find that two seconds is a long distance when riding at highway speeds.  That is it's a long distance when everything is going well.  When things go wrong, however, two seconds distance is gone in the time it takes to figure out you are in trouble.

The two-second rule is a rule of thumb. PGR riders should try to adhere to this rule when possible, especially at highway speeds.  PGR will ride staggered at all times.  Since there may be some riders that are not experienced enough to ride side-by-side while in city streets. 

During your Pre-ride briefing the Ride Captain and Safety Captain should identify those riders that are not comfortable with riding in groups.  Those riders should be placed in the rear of the formation; this will help prevent the group from starting the rubber banding effect.

The last bike should ride in the middle of the two bike lanes with all headlights and running lights on.  This will help the lead bike see the last bike.  Refer to the image to the right.